The BAMBINI Easter Bicycle
The BAMBINI Easter Bicycle
Right in time for Easter we have now produced a colouring-in book for children as a counter piece to the other book produced during the BAMBINI project, the Christmas Bicycle!

April 2012

The BAMBINI Easter bike tells the story of a little Easter Bunny who is too busy watching TV. When her mum tells her that she’s already really late for getting all the Easter eggs to the children, she quickly improvises and borrows a bicycle with a trailer to deliver the eggs.
This book, with clear and strong drawings, was designed by children and is meant to give kindergarten children the chance to colour and design their personal book the way they want. The Easter Bicycle can be downloaded on the BAMBINI website for free and has also been distributed to kindergartens in the partner countries.

Contact: Susanne Wrighton

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