From Ferrara, the new map Bike&Boat
From Ferrara, the new map Bike&Boat
Within the EC project "Waterways Forward" has been realized the map of the navigable routes of the Province of Ferrara, with information of a technical nature alongside tourist information

May 2013

A great news for all lovers of navigation! In fact it has recently been made the new map of the navigable routes of the Province of Ferrara, with information of a purely technical nature (bridges, locks, moorings...) alongside tourist information on the possibilities for visiting the area (from cycle tracks to accommodation facilities, from the main museums to local natural oasis).

The map has been realized within Waterways Forward, the project funded as part of the INTERREG IVC Operative Programme for promoting the sustainable development of the internal navigable waterways and the areas connected to them. The main aim of the project is to promote policies that contribute to creating the best conditions for multifunctional use of the waterways through the exchange of good practices and knowledge, leading to balanced and sustainable social, economic and cultural development.

The Province of Ferrara, partner of the project, has endeavoured to develop innovative tools for the tourist promotion of the multifunctional use of the waterways, particularly starting from one of the most significant divisions for this area, cycle tourism. So in the map have been included also all bicycle tracks in the province which are connected with navigable routes.

The map, available in a hard copy in both Italian and English, has a free download through the website click here and has also a multi-media version with geo-referencing of the different sites and their constant updating.

Contact: Luca Bianchi

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