In Ferrara...the train goes by bike!!
In Ferrara...the train goes by bike!!
Agreement between FER (Emilia-Romagna Railways) and Emilia-Romagna Region to promote intermodality. From Sunday, September 11, and for five consecutive Sundays, a special railroad car for free transportation of bicycles

September 2011

Five Sundays to experience various forms of alternative and sustainable mobility, sympathetic to the nature of a land defined by a slow and relaxing rhythm. By partnering with FER (Emilia-Romagna Railways) and Emilia-Romagna Region - within the Eu-projects INTERREGIORAL and BICY of the Central Europe program - from Sunday, September 11, and for five consecutive Sundays (11, 18, 25 September and 2, 9 October), there will be a special railroad car to carry 50 bikes, traveling along the route Bondeno-Ferrara-Ostellato-Codigoro without paying any additional ticket.

For each stop you can easily visit some of the main peculiarities that characterize the territory of the province of Ferrara, but also you can go towards the many bike paths that run through the province including "Destra Po" ckick here, the cycling path that runs along the river Po, one of the longest and most important cycling routes in Italy.

In these five Sundays, then, cyclists can enjoy the territory in a new way, having the opportunity to discover historical, artistic and environmental elements of municipalities crossed by the path.

Besides, on Sunday, 25 September, the main day of celebration for the tenth anniversary of "Destra Po" cycling path, in addition to the train there will be present also boat and bus to give all participants the opportunity to take each of the five sections which divide the path, alternating all possible mobility solutions.

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Contact: Luca Bianchi

BICY Implemented in the Central Europe Programme ( is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).