On Sunday, 8th May, the twelfth edition of
On Sunday, 8th May, the twelfth edition of "Bimbimbici"
The initiative is organised by FIAB to promote urban sustainability and the use of bicycle

April 2011

On Sunday, 8th May, in more than 200 Italian cities will take place the XII edition of “Bimbimbici”, the initiative organised by FIAB to promote the use of bycicle as a daily mean of transportation. A day for urban sustainability where children, boys and adults can regain, with their bicycles, urban places usually reserved to car traffic. The main aim is make Public Institutions aware so they can research and develop useful solutions to make sustainable the urban mobility from environmental and human point of view. The initiative of “Bimbimbici” will be also strengthen from an other important initiative promoted by Italian Department of the Environment in collaboration with ANCMA: it’s the second National Day of Bicycle.
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