Toys for sustainable transport
Toys for sustainable transport
Parents with small children strongly prefer the car as their main means of transport. Furthermore, when a baby book, picture or toy is about mobility, it is almost always depicting a car or a truck. This is why children become conditioned in favour of motorised vehicles from very early on.

February 2011

The European project BAMBINI aims to alter this type of socialisation. BAMBINI designs and produces innovative and inspiring toys and books about sustainable transport modes for children aged 0 to 6. These toys and books will be distributed to and tested in crèches, kindergartens and pre-schools in 11 different countries. At the same time, also the parents will be made aware of the importance of travel socialisation. This is done by organising BAMBINI workshops for staff of pre-birth classes, day care centres and kindergarten, to incite them to inform and stimulate parents to use sustainable transport modes more often. Professionals of day care centres and kindergartens are also called on to develop more activities around sustainable mobility modes in their daily practice. With the help of all those professionals and beautifully designed toys and books, more and more children will travel smart from the start! For more information click here

Contact: Susanne Wrighton

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