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4.4 REPORT ON INNOVATIVE SERVICES (INTERMODAL AND RENTAL, NEW TECHNOLOGIES) Monitoring and evaluation the results achieve trough a common trans-national grids of indicators  Responsible partner: Municipality of Velenje; prepared by Špela Šeliga  
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4.4.10 Implementation Concept for innovative services 4.4.10
1 intermodal service 
Spela Seliga 
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4.4.10 Summary Implementation of Innovative services in municipality of Velenje 4.4.10  Spela Seliga 
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4.4.6 Maintainance and Repair report on Graz Hotel Bicycle rental Scheme 4.4.6
Martin Holzer 
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4.4.7 Implementation concept for innovative services-Ferrara Province   Spela Seliga 
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4.4.8 Maintainance and Repair Report on Velenje Bike Sharing system BICY Slovenian and English version of report on 4.4.8 - repair service  Špela Šeliga, Municipality of Velenje 
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4.4.9 Implementation concept for Innovative srvices-Ravenna 4.4.9  Spela Seliga 
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Brochure: A Hotel Bicycle rental Scheme for Graz    
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Implementation concept for Innovative services-Cervia   Spela Seliga 
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