Bicycle maps


This is the new up-to-date bicycle map of Graz.

It has been updated during the Project BICY and shows the entire continuous net of bicycle traffic network. This net is composed of bicycle paths, combined lanes for pedestrians and cyclists, bicycle lanes, bicycle routes within the net of speed limit 30 and special solutions (e.g. pedestrians zones, bus lanes, etc.). I is available for free in all district offices, mobility centre, department for traffic planning, bicycle station at the main station in graz and at the tourism office.


Cycling map Graz (pdf)


Official Bicycle Map of Bologna

Downloaded on January 16, 2012 from




BICY Map: Budaörs

Made with OpenStreetMap source data.




BICY Map: Erfurt

Made with OpenStreetMap source data.




Destra Po Route

This is the map of the most
famous cycle path in the province of Ferrara. It's part of the Eurovelo project and it is the central
part of Paneuropean route No.8 from Athens to Cadiz. Destra Po route runs along
the right-hand bank of the River Po.


Bicycle Map City of Ferrara

This is the map with all the trails around Ferrara& rsquo s history, art and
architecture, getting
to know the beauties of the Este& rsquo s capital, like its green walls, Este castle,
mediaeval city and cathedral, and the Renaissance city centred on the
Palazzo dei Diamanti.


Bicycle Map Province of Ferrara

This is the map with all the cycle routes within the province of Ferrara. It is criss-crossed by
an impressive network of interconnected cycle tourism routes,
unwinding between town and countryside, nature reserves and castles,
watercourses and lagoons, on safe roads or cycle-only paths. 




Cycling map Koper 2011



BICY Map: Prague

Translation and reformatting of provided map with English and BICY logos.




BICY Map: Ravenna



BICY Map: Cervia



Bicycle map - recreational bike paths in municipality Velenje

This cycling map shows recreational bike paths that are in the area of Municipality of Velenje (mostly rural parts of the city).


Bicycle map - city of Velenje

A cycling map of the city of Velenje shows the existing urban cycle routes, which are elaborated in the routes, paths and bike lanes as well as planned cycling routes.


BICY Implemented in the Central Europe Programme ( is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).